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Power Transmision

Standard Roller Chain
Roller chains are used in basic power transmission...Roller chains are used in low- to mid-speed drives at around 600 to 800 feet per minute. Roller chains runs on simplex sprocket. The roller chain design reduces friction compared to simpler designs, resulting in higher efficiency and less wear. We offer precision roller chains from 3/6\" pitch to 4\" pitch with BSA/ASA standard at most competitive price.

Honey Comb Chain/Belt
The honey comb Chain/Belt are constructed from cross rods and a flat metal strip. At the sides of the belt the cross rods have a welded ring (welded edges). The honey comb Chain/Belt is positively driven by sprockets, and can be used in conveyors. It is used in Ovens, washing, cooling, drying, sorting, & bread production systems.

Duplex Chain
Duplex Chains is variant of roller chain to carry more load on transmission. The size of chain defined by pitch of chain (distance between center of consecutive rollers in chain), Diameter of Roller which is designed on basis of Diameter of Sprocket and no. of teethes on sprocket, thickness of plates calculated by load to be taken etc. Duplex Chain are used in combination with duplex sprockets.

PIV Chain
P.I.V. ( Positively Infinitely Variable ) Chain links contains packs of hardened steel slats which slide freely from side to side to conform with grooves in the wheel faces. This unique self forming tooth capability results in positive no slip transmission and long chain life. PIV Chain is mostly used in PIV Gearboxes.

Large Pitch Conveyor Chain
Large Pitch Conveyor Chain are designed to carry heavy loads and endure rough loading. Large pitch conveyor chain is designed to operate in harsh conditions. The chain is designed with relatively large clearances between components. Attachments are high in strength to carry load between large space.

Hollow Pin Chain
Hollow bearing pin chain facilitates fixing attachments to outer links by bolting through the hollow pin and is suitable for use in all normal conditions. It is ideal for setups where spacing of crossrods or pins must be changed frequently. It also conserves weight compared to roller chain.


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